On this page you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our digital marketplace sorted by advertiser and publisher.

pryntad for advertiser

Frequently asked questions by advertisers

Because pryntad opens up a new marketplace for new print advertising. We make booking print as easy as advertising on Facebook.

Advertisers register, set up their campaign, target their target groups via keywords or whitelists and place their TAP bids instead of negotiating prices.

Publishers with titles that match the targeting specifications can accept the bids and thus complete the booking. At the end there’s transparent billing and campaign reporting.

Yes, there is no format limitation and even better, if you don’t have a designed ad, you can still book through pryntad.

Our ad templates allow you to generate highly professional print ads directly on pryntad by simply uploading text and images. This way, even customers who don’t have any advertising motifs yet can use pryntad.

No, we are not. On the contrary, we think that pryntad also has a great efficiency advantage for media agencies. Media agencies also have unprofitable print customers. They can be converted into profitable customers by making work easier via pryntad.

In addition, our direct deals enable bookings to be made as part of framework agreements. In addition, pryntad docks with existing booking processes via OBS and Duon. Our goal is to integrate into learned processes in after-sales.

pryntad for publishers

Frequently asked questions by publishers

Pryntad offers an additional revenue channel and the chance of additional revenues.

But that’s not all: via pryntad, publishers provide potential customers with very easy access to their titles.

Existing marketing and pricing models are not at risk and can be retained. The publisher is always in the Drivers Seat: this means he decides for himself which bids he accepts from the marketplace and which he does not.

If bids are too low or if the publisher has already won a customer at better conditions, he does not accept the bid.

direct deals are a pryntad solution that enables publishers to sell print ads directly to customers on a closed marketplace.

In contrast to a digital marketplace, pricing in pryntad-direct deals continues to be based on bids from potential advertisers.

In contrast to the open pryntad marketplace, these bids go exclusively to the publisher offering the direct deal.

In this way, publishers are able to set up a digital sales funnel to win advertising bookings.

Yes, it works. By adding direct deals, pryntad makes it possible to serve smaller customers from its own portfolio via a closed marketplace.

B2B online marketing with the aim of a print booking is made possible for the first time by pryntad via the closed areas.

The customer contact is transferred to the publisher. The booking takes place directly between advertiser and publisher via the pryntad marketplace.

The invoice is issued by the publisher. pryntad collects the funds from the advertiser and distributes them to the publishers.

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