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Use inexpensive print advertising, low marketing costs and attractive additional revenues. Up to 300 M additional contacts for your Campaign!

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how pryntad works for


This is how pryntad works

This is how pryntad works

pryntad connects advertiser and publisher

We connect advertisers, agencies, and publishers in a new marketplace. We now make targeted Ad bookings via bidding possible. Publishers whose titles match the targeting decide which bids to accept. The whole process is easier and more efficient than ever before.

Now every advertiser can place ads in magazines and newspapers independently and achieve up to 300 million additional contacts for their campaigns in over 10,000 printed media.

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Advertiser und Publisher mit pryntad

pryntad in the media

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pryntad for advertisers

Easy Access to Full 
Attention Media

Your 4 ways to print advertising

1. pryntad audiences

Book over 100 print audiences with more than 13,000 magazines and newspapers and get up to 300 million additional contacts. Find your target audience here!

2. pryntad programmatic print

We enable advertisers and brands to programmatically buy print inventory in newspapers and magazines. Learn more about programmatic print!

3. pryntad magazines

Over 9,000 magazines can now be booked with pryntad. Get in touch with us and tell us which titles or target groups you want to place an ad in. Find your preferred title!

4. pryntad newspapers – the marketplace

Here you can easily and comprehensively place ads in over 300 daily newspapers with 1,200 issues on one platform. You can determine your target group and receive a suitable selection of titles. You determine the price yourself and always keep the full overview. To the marketplace!

300 millionadditional contacts

Book over 50 print audiences in over 10,000 media and achieve up to 300 million additional contacts for your campaign. Find your specific target group!

save money and time

Use our target group and environment targeting and save yourself the time-consuming research of titles. Place your bid directly with multiple publishers and set your budget – all in one click. You set the price!

brand safety –cookieless

With pryntad you advertise exclusively in high-quality journalistic environments with a topic focus. This is how our targeting works reliably – even without cookies!

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offer your inventory via pryntad?

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pryntad for publishers

Your additional revenue channel

pryntad audiences

Make your titles bookable via pryntad audiences – add floor prices if you wish. This way, your ads can be booked immediately. Interested? Contact us and find out more!

pryntad marketplace

pryntad offers publishers a closed marketplace for ads in newspapers to attract new customers and reactivate existing customers. You have a clear and complete overview, of all Advertiser bids. Our marketplace for magazines will follow shortly. Publishers can decide which bids to accept. Find out how you can integrate pryntad into your sales funnel.

pryntad programmatic print

We enable publishers to programmatically sell their print inventory to agencies and advertisers via DSPs. Learn more about programmatic print!

Low costof sales

pryntad offers you an additional, cost-efficient revenue channel. You receive ad bookings without your sales force having to become active. Your project effort is minimal, development work is not necessary.

Revenue & discount control

Our innovative bidding principle makes price lists redundant. Advertisers place their bids. You decide which bids you accept. This way you keep full control over your pay factor.

Easy access to new customers

With pryntad you make it easy for all advertisers to place ads with you. This also increases your chances of getting new customers. Existing customers can easily be reactivated with pryntad.

Trusted by the following publisher

Would you like to place an ad or

offer your inventory via pryntad?

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4 easy steps to your ad placement

create campaign (advertiser)

  • Budget / bid
  • Targeting
  • Timing
  • Creative templates (optional)

check playlist (advertiser)

  • Check products
  • Edit (optional)
  • Release publisher

accept bid (publisher)

  • View bids
  • Select bid
  • Booking confirmation

publish ad (Publisher)

  • Ad-handling
  • Ad-publishing

bidding principle

Advertisers choose their target group, an ad format and determine their desired price.

publisher matching

The bid automatically reaches all publishers whose readership corresponds to the requested target group


inventory control

Each publisher determines which bids they accept from the advertiser.

Programmatic Print-SSP

fair pricing

Advertisers and publishers find each other automatically and efficiently at the best possible price.

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