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Use inexpensive print advertising, low marketing costs and attractive additional revenues.

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this is how it works for


This is how pryntad works

This is how pryntad works

The digital marketplace for print advertising

We bring together advertisers, agencies and publishers in a new marketplace. Ad bookings are possible against bids and with targeting. Publishers whose titles match decide which bids they accept.

Check out pryntad.com: the marketplace for print advertising

Our closed marketplaces, the direct deals, enable publishers for the first time to market their ads digitally and in a sustainable way.

Everything is easier and more efficient than ever before.

4 easy steps to an ad placement

Create campaign (Advertiser)

  • Budget / Bid
  • Targeting
  • Timing
  • Creative Templates (optional)

Check playlist (Advertiser)

  • Check products
  • Edit (optional)
  • Release publisher

Accept bid (Publisher)

  • View bids
  • Select bid
  • Booking confirmation

Publish ad (Publisher)

  • Ad-Handling
  • Ad-Publishing

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pryntad for Advertiser

Easy Access to Full 
Attention Media

Use the “Full Attention” medium print to reach your target groups. With pryntad, booking is now very simple, efficient and attractively priced. In just one process, you can place your ad bid across magazines, newspapers,… If you don’t have an ad, you can simply use our template.

Good prices

pryntad works completely without price lists and hidden costs – you alone determine the price! Define your budget and place your bid.

Cost and time savings

Use our target group and environment targeting and save time-consuming title research. Place your bid with one click directly with several publishers.

Brand Safety

About pryntad you advertise exclusively in journalistic environments. Your targeting gives you a selection of titles that you can edit and approve.

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pryntad for Publishers

Efficient Sales for Print Media

Pryntad is the new marketplace for print ads and open to all print segments. We give potential customers very easy access to your titles, even exclusively in direct deals. Even those who don’t book print yet!

Low „Cost of Sales“

Pryntad offers you an additional, cost-effective revenue channel. You receive ad bookings without the need for your sales force to become active.

Revenue & discount control

Our innovative bidding process makes price lists superfluous. Advertisers place their bids. You decide which bids you accept. This gives you full control over your pay factor.

Easy access to new customers

With pryntad you make it easy for all advertisers to place ads with you and increase your chances of gaining new customers. Advertisers without advertising motifs can create them themselves with our templates.

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